Profit Optimizer™

Profit Optimizer Software

Product Description

The Profit Optimizer Suite™ is comprised of our base package of software programs, which includes: Price Optimizer™ and Price Book™. With these two programs, you can create and print custom catalogs on-demand. You'll also have the power to manage and optimize your pricing with built-in pricing features.


  • Manage pricing as never before - pricing products competitively, aggressively, and cost effectively.
  • Easily maintain the ever changing price information, discounts and multipliers from suppliers.
  • Upload prices and costs to your main computer from the Profit Optimizer™. It even lets you use the current customer matrix in your main computer, and use your main computer to create invoices and print statements as before.
  • Download all pricing and product information into the Profit Optimizer™ from your main computer.
  • Analyze or forecast your profitability -- by product, product line, branch, customer, or on a company-wide basis.
  • React to changes immediately -- in price, product line, or market.

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