Product Description

SPECOS™ is the key to providing electronic commerce capabilities to your customers using your current computer system. You can provide CD-ROM catalogs, Web catalogs and handheld catalogs to your customers with a fast, easy-to-use order entry system. Best of all, you don't have to buy a whole
new computer system or purchase a major upgrade to your existing system.

SPECOS™ acts as the translator between our CD-ROM catalogs, Web catalogs, handheld catalogs, and your existing system. The result is that a customer can create an order, send it to you electronically and receive a confirmation almost immediately.

In some cases, SPECOS™ will use existing interfaces within your computer system. In other cases, your computer software will be modified to "talk" to SPECOS™, and in some cases SPECOS™ will pretend to be a data entry clerk to your existing system. It all depends upon the options you select and capabilities of your existing system.

Why endure the cost, training, and problems of implementing a new computer system when you can supplement your current system and get the capabilities you need?

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