Handheld Truck Stock™

Product Description

Truck Stock™ solves many of the service contractor's big problems. It not only replenishes trucks efficiently, but it also has the ability to bill for products that are taken off the truck and for labor and other charges. The service contractor can even use Truck Stock™ to order products that are not stocked on the truck.

The job accounting and replenishment order can be transmitted from the field, using a cellular modem, as completed, or the jobs can be accumulated during the day and sent, by modem, as a batch from the technician's home at the end of the day. The job accounting information can be transmitted by fax, e-mail, or as a data file to the contractor owner as a "value-added" service.


Using a handheld device with an industrially-hardened barcode scanner, service techs can:

  • Enter the job code from the dispatcher
  • Scan products as used
  • Add labor/mileage/sundry charges simply by scanning a barcoded card that hangs in the truck

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