Price Management & Analysis Software

Profit Optimizer Suite

Profit Optimizer™ Suite

The Profit Optimizer™ Suite is a powerful program that allows you to create and manage catalog data, print catalogs, manage pricing information, and even create promotional materials - all from within a single software program. Profit Optimizer™

Price Analyzer

Price Analyzer™

Finally, you can analyze your pricing strategies in a way that's easy to understand. The Price Analyzer™ program consolidates your pricing matrix into a manageable form that allows you to analyze your pricing strategies by: product line, product category, and... Price Analyzer™

Data Mover

Data Mover™

The Data Mover™ program interfaces with your existing computer system to update specification and pricing information in your print, cd-rom, web, or handheld catalog. We haven't met a system we can't interface with.
Data Mover™

Carrier Pricing™

With the Carrier Pricing™ module, you can create pricing strategies for Carrier™ equipment taking into account the Carrier™ "claim-back logic". Carrier Pricing™