The Schmitt ProfiTools Product Family

Profit Optimizer™ Suite

The Profit Optimizer™ Suite is a powerful program that allows you to create and manage catalog data, print catalogs, manage pricing information, and even create promotional materials – all from within a single software program. Profit Optimizer™

Price Book™

The Price Book™ program creates cohesive catalogs from individual pricesheets that are produced in our Price Optimizer™ program. Price Book™ has the flexability to create custom catalogs for select distributors, customers, or niche markets. Price Book™

Data Mover™

The Data Mover™ program interfaces with your existing computer system to update specification and pricing information in your print, CD-ROM, web, or handheld catalog. We haven’t met a system we can’t interface with. Data Mover™

Barcode Catalogs

Want to barcode small items purchased in bulk, but sold individually? With the Price Optimizer™ program, you can easily create barcoded catalogs as a point-of-sale solution for your business. Barcode Catalogs


Internet popularity continues to grow, and you don’t want to miss out on making a sale to your more technically-advanced customers. With our Webcat program, you can put your catalog on the web complete with pictures, specs, MSDS, and kits. Web Catalogs


SPECOS™ acts as a translator between our web catalogs and your existing system. The result is that a customer can create an order and send it to you electronically, and receive a confirmation almost immediately. SPECOS™

Barcode Label Program™

The barcode label program™ is a simple, cost-effective tool for creating barcode labels(complete with product picture) on many Windows-compatible printers. Barcode Label Program™

Mobile Storefront

As wholesalers provide simple ways for their contractor customers to buy from them it is becoming increasingly more important to provide a solution for mobile order entry.

Contractors can use their Smart Phones and Tablets to order from you using our Mobile Web Storefront.


This is the tool contractors needs to help manage their day-to-day business and it can be available on your webstore.